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Humming Maxwell

Today’s Daily challenge was “Hum your first musical memory” — I wrote it and recycled from one we did before…

I Hear Banjo Music

What kind of music do you expect to hear in the Big Apple? Big band? Jazz? Funk? Steel drums on…

Brother West

I was certainly curious last week to attend the Cornel West talk that is part of the TRU Student’s Commons…

The Enterprise Cannot Escape The Purple Monster

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QofZiPkJsQE I made this as a remix video assignment for DS106. There is a genre of remix mad...

You Had Me at Title

It was a dark and steamy.. no, it was a bright and sunny day in the desert She was dark,…

It’s All About Soup

Because wordpress makes it easy to embed a video. Find a video on Youtube or vimeo. Copy it’s URL, or…

I Like Photos


Ya gotta have images!

The first image is remote. The second, not!

Lincoln Before / After

A demo of using the Comparator tool to create this and embedding it in WordPress Make one now?

I Can Haz Auto Featured Image?

Bacon ipsum dolor amet ground round chuck beef ribs chicken, tri-tip alcatra t-bone turkey. Tail capicola pig chuck, alcatra meatball…

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